Step by Step guide to building your website in WordPress

building a website

Building a WordPress website is a piece of walk only if you are aware of certain terms and features. It is not rocket science rather is a child’s play only if you pay attention to the key points. Prior to dwelling on the concept of building a website we should first understand what a website is. A website is a place where you showcase your product or services, identified by a domain name and published on a server.

So why to build a website?

Since the website allows the exchange of information on an online platform, it also ensures a 24/7 presence that eventually increases the credibility of the website. A blogger or the user gets the wings for flourishing high. Thereby, it provides an opportunity for growth as well. In any business, the use of a website is brought into existing for reaching the masses in a click. Further, through a website, digital marketers strive towards the expansion of business digitally. These are also used for advertising or branding. Most importantly, a website is a major source of earning of many.

Once we indulge in the understanding of how to build the website, there are a few tools that we should be aware of beforehand. The tools which are commonly exercised for building a website are WordPress, Wix, Bootstrap, Square Space etc. For the purpose of explaining how you can build your own website in just 60 minutes, I would take the example of WordPress.

The domain name and web hosting are two integral aspects which we should understand before building the website. A domain name is the address of your website which people type in browser URL to visit your website. In simple terms, if your website was a house, then your domain name will be its address. While Web hosting makes the files that comprise a website (code, images, etc.) available for viewing online. All the websites you see is hosted on a server.

Here you will find a step by step detail on how to build a website. Kindly follow the sequence as mentioned below- 

Install WordPress

This is the software that will help the users to build their own website without any worries about the underline code complexity. It is completely free to install and use.

You can download WordPress from Extract the zip file into the server. You will see these files.

Building a WordPress website

If your hosting provides an option to install WordPress, then you can also do that. this will save you the time required to set up the installation. Most of the hosting providers will have a 1-click install using Softaculous, and QuickInstall.

After extracting the files now you need to open your domain. Here you will see the following steps

Building a WordPress website
Building a WordPress website
  • As soon as all the above-mentioned steps are done, you will see a WordPress dashboard with a bunch of menus on the left side. Now you will have to click Appreance->Theme for choosing the theme.
  • Go to APPEARANCE > Click on ADD THEMES > select the theme of your choice > click Install > Activate.
  • You can use a free theme or if you have a purchased theme you can upload the zip
  • The selection of theme was important as it will provide the audiences with the idea about which topic your website talks about. 
  • Now you want to import the demo data if your themes provide it.
  • For this, you will need to install the WordPress import plugin.
  • For installing plugin go to Tools->Import->Click on WordPress import Install now.
  • Some theme would have demo importer in theme options, check theme documentation for that
  • If you purchased a theme that theme will have the required plugin which you install, or else you will need to search for a specific plugin you need for customization
  • You will install theme from Plugins->Add new-> Search for plugin->Install->Activate

Create Pages

  • You can use Elementor, Visual Composer or any other page builder to create pages. Let’s consider elementor for example.
  • Goto pages->Add new, create a title then press edit with elementor
Building a WordPress website
  • Now comes the part for which all the struggle has been put – the content. You can edit the content or replace the already existing content by clicking on EDIT WITH ELEMENTOR.
  • On the left side, there appear few elements like text, video, graphics and elements which you have to drag and drop. In Elementor Pro you get additional options.
  • Therefore, you are free to put the original content for which the website has been made. Click on the elements i.e. heading, images and background etc. Edit the elements as per your wish and add your authentic data on the website.
  • After you have finally put everything in order click on PUBLISH. 

If you have imported the demo you would have pages created you just need to change the content and logo.

Now you can customize the logo, font, colour and add additional CSS using the customize menu under the appearance. You see options on the left, the options will vary according to your theme.

customize site

You can use custom fields and custom post types to build your website, but will require more skill, so page builders are quite useful and help you build your WordPress website.

Woo-commerce can be used to build your eCommerce platform using WordPress. I will create a separate article on how to build your e-commerce website using WordPress.


Tadaaa! You have successfully built your own WordPress website. It is, unfortunately, true that creating a website is a tedious thing to do but once you learn the steps nothing can stop you. Indeed! Creating a website is time-consuming. Nevertheless, you will feel the same hardly twice or thrice. After that, you will be a pro. Until then just remember that Rome was not built in a day. So take your time and learn the skill. Any kind of learning never goes in vain. Keep calm and put endeavours because who knows that one day your website ranks on the top. Happy web developing! 

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