Step by Step guide to creating a website on Wix

create a website on Wix

As the presence of technology increases in the world day by day so does the demand for digital tools. One of these digital tools is a website builder, a tool to help create your website without any hassle. And looking into the way how popular websites are getting, utilizing a website builder – such as WordPress or Wix website builder, for example – has become very important. There are many website builders at your disposal, with one of the popular ones being Wix.

What is Wix?

Wix is a cloud-based website builder, which provides lots of features so the users’ website-making experience is efficient and smooth. Founded in 2006, it has been striving to meet the users’ every need – and managing that quite successfully. Wix website builder offers, apart from the usual builder, features like social plug-ins, e-mail marketing and online marketing, contact and community forums and e-commerce, among others. 

You can indeed build Wix website free – but Wix employs the freemium business model. While the users can log in and use their site for free, it also offers different pricing plans so that they can have more autonomy on their website.

For websites –

PlansPricing (Billed Annually)
VIP₹ 325/month
Unlimited₹ 185/month
Combo₹ 125/month
Connect Domain₹ 80/month

For Business and eCommerce Plans –

PlansPricing (Billed Annually)
Business VIP₹ 500/month
Business Unlimited₹ 300/month
Business Basic₹ 225/month

Wix Features

You can create a website on Wix with ease, thanks to the plethora of features it provides for its user, some of which are –

1 Sleek editing options:

Wix offers two kinds of editing options – a fully-equipped Wix editor and Wix ADI. The former gives you full access to editing and designing your site. On the other hand, the latter ensures you get your dream site by asking you about your brand and your preferences in detail. Whatever you choose, know that you can build Wix website free the way you want!

2 User-friendly:

Not only is the editing feature but also the entire Wix website is user-friendly. This intuitive builder has an amazingly helpful FAQ section, great introductory videos and the other many other equally impressive options. All of this is enough to ensure that you can create a website on Wix without any major difficulties. 

3 Affordable:

Unlike other website builders found online, Wix is one of those which are easy on the pocket. The pricing plans have been designed in a way that anyone can afford the upgrade, whether you are a blogger, a business owner or an organization.

How to create a website on Wix?

The first and foremost step to create a website on Wix is to make an account. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is even simpler than it sounds. All you have to do is click on Get Started button when you open the website and follow the instructions given. Once your account is created, you’re prompted to choose whether you want to use Wix ADI or Wix Editor.

With the help of Wix Editor –

1 Choose a template: 

If you’re thinking about how to make a Wix website, Wix Editor will help you. Wix provides some of the best website templates online. All of them are categorized into clean groups so that you don’t find yourself unnecessarily confused about which would look great for your business. Wix also lets you preview it before deciding on a template. It’s a blessing because Wix doesn’t let you change the template once you’ve published your site.

2 Edit your website:

Once you’ve chosen your template, it’s time to create a website on Wix with the help of the Wix editor. The website builder has a drag-and-drop editor, where all you need to do is drag the site components from the toolbar and into the workspace. You can add widgets and buttons, change fonts, use different colours, insert pictures and so on. You can add an online store if that resonates with your brand. Wix editor also offers mobile optimization, to ensure that your website looks proper on smartphones as well.

3 Insert interactive tools:

One of the best tools you get when you build a Wix website free is the selection of interactive tools. Wix provides one of the best and biggest app libraries, which is frequently updated. For instance, you can add interactive quizzes, restaurant orders, polls and so on. You can explore the free and premium options and download the ones that suit your needs the most. However, choose wisely because these can get pricey.

4 Optimize for Search Engines:

If you are worried about how to make a Wix website Search Engine optimized, then it’s just a matter of a few clicks! Wix editor offers the option of SEO Basics where you can track down your site’s basic SEO functions. These include your URLs, site description, keywords, etc. Another thing it offers is an SEO Setup Checklist, an awesome tool that shows what you still need to do to make your site Search Engine Optimized. 

5 Choose a domain name:

A domain name is one of the most important things you’ve to take care of when creating your site. Wix editor lets you choose whatever domain name you want – but it comes with some restrictions. If you build a Wix website free, then the URL would be “www.yourname.wixsite/yoursite“. However, if you have upgraded to a paid plan, it is safe to say that your domain will look like a regular one!

6 Publish your site:

You wanted to create a website on Wix – and now it’s all ready to be published! Wix editor lets you preview the final product before you click on that Publish button. You can always edit your site after publishing; simply go to the ‘manage site’ option, edit whatever you want and click Publish button again. It’s only the base template you can’t change after your site is up and running.

With the help of Wix ADI

Admittedly, using the Wix editor can intimidate people who don’t know how to edit. This is exactly why the Wix website builder has put Wix ADI in place. Wix ADI – i.e. Artificial Design Intelligence – offers you a little questionnaire regarding your business and vision. Once you’ve carried out the steps, Wix ADI customizes the perfect site for you all on its own. 

Even if the editing part is off your shoulders, you can still give your much-necessary inputs in between. It lets you select from different colour palettes, fonts, designs for the pages and so on. It’s an efficient way to get involved in the website-making process without worrying about your limited knowledge.

The answer to your question, ‘how to make a Wix website?’, is Wix ADI. All you have to do is answer the questions accurately and give as many details as possible. A pre-made site, all ready for you!


You can see many builders are sprawling around online for users’ website needs. However, what sets Wix website builder apart is how easy to use, intuitive and helpful the website is. It doesn’t even come across as a surprise to see that Wix is preferred by start-ups, hobby businesses, restaurants and even law firms. Making a website has never been so easy!

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