Wix vs Squarespace, which is the best website builder

wix vs squarespace

It is crucial to choose a website builder with good value, easy to use,  high-quality templates, free apps and integration and domain name deals.  

Wix is the best largest website builder and provides excellent value for money. They provide easy to use Content Management System. Its super simple to get started. It is a fully functional website for free.  Squarespace is the best website builder which is helpful for simple sites. 

Wix and Squarespace are popular, but they have some differences.  Let us see the differences between the two website builders to help us select the right tool. 

Wix vs Squarespace – Features 

Page Editor 

wix vs squarespace website builder

Wix is one of the best and easy to use Editor. We can move any element anywhere on the page. It is an Unstructured Editor. We can drag and drop any components anywhere on the page: it looks freeing but can lead to a frustrating problem. There are lots of ways to edit any elements. It also has Animation effects.  

wix vs squarespace website builder

Squarespace is more restrictive as it uses the grid system. We cannot move any components anywhere on the page. It allows the components to move in rows and columns. Has a sensible structure. It can be called a Structured Editor.  


Wix has an enormous integrated app market with more than 250 apps available in different categories, such as live chats and online bookings. The apps are limited. It also has a back-up feature to restore the content if hacked. 

Squarespace has an enormous integrated app market with more than  1000 apps. It allows exporting all the contents if needed. They do not have any back-up functionality.


In Wix, We have to publish by clicking on the Publish button. The changes made in the desktop not made in the Mobile version. We have to do it twice.  

In Squarespace, Changes published immediately as soon as you make them. It will be easy for new users as it is unnecessary to learn design practices like the best way of arranging the elements on the web page.  


In Wix, We can add up to 100 pages, on our website site and adding more pages reduces the loading time. They are affordable. 

In Squarespace, We can add up to 1000 pages, on our website site, and adding more pages does not affect the loading time. 

Wix vs Squarespace – SEO

Wix uses an SEO wizard that optimizes the site automatically. It also includes AMP Pages. AMP is Google’s Framework that helps web pages,  mobile ones to load faster. It does a fine job in handling SEO Options,  but it does not have much customization. We can define the title and description. The site loading speed is not the best, which may have an impact on SEO. 

In Squarespace, it is easy to use SEO Optimization features we can optimize every page using, edit meta description and meta titles. They have an easy SEO Settings tab. It offers pretty designs,  ultra-fine site architecture built-in. It supports functions like XML  Sitemaps, but we cannot edit them. 

Wix vs Squarespace – E-Commerce

Wix provides Good marketing tools to help in selling products such as  Integrated CRM. We can sell only physical and digital products, not services. 

In Squarespace, we can sell all the three products – physical, digital and services. They have an e-mail marketing platform.


Wix website builder

Wix is best in terms of templates because there are so many of them.  Templates are truly note-worthy with great designs. They are also named, according to the business practice or purpose that, they designed. It is very helpful for IT Services, Student Resume. They have templates with Quality, Variety of themes and provide more than 800  templates. 

In Squarespace, Better templates and template customization. They have limited templates more than 100. 

Squarespace website builder

Wix vs Squarespace – Pricing 

The Basic Plan in Wix is Combo, and it costs Rs125 per month. In this  Plan, we get Free SSL Certificate, 2 GB Bandwidth, 3GB Storage Space,  30 minutes video hours, Removing Wix Ads. 

The Cheapest Plan in Squarespace is Personal, and it costs $12 per month. In this Plan, we get Free SSL Security, Unlimited Bandwidth and  Storage, SEO features for Site Visibility, Mobile Optimized Websites,  Basic Website Metrics, Squarespace Extensions. 

Both include free domain name if you buy these plans annually. If we want more features, we can upgrade our plans. 

Wix vs Squarespace – Support 

The knowledge base of Wix is helpful How-tos and video examples,  but personal support takes several messages to get the right answer to an issue. When we have any queries with billing, we can go to Wix  Support there are many useful articles. If we want to get more information, related to our question, we can click the contact us option and submit tickets. 

SquareSpace has an incredible resource of tutorials and also live chat feature.

Summary of Wix Vs Squarespace

Aspect Wix Squarespace
Features Editor Unstructured Editor Structured Editor
Freedom of moving the elements More Restrictive, grid system, pre-decided structure
Templates Great designs for specific services Better templates and template customization
Cannot change templates without losing all the content Can change templates without losing all the content
Apps More than 250 apps More than 1000 apps
Publishing Do it twice in Desktop and Mobile Version. Changes are published only after clicking the Publish Button. Changes are published immediately
For blog posts Add only up to 100 pages Add only up to 1000 pages
SEO Optimize the Website Allows all important features Auto-generated Titles
E-commerce Tools Sell only Physical and Digital products Sell all the three products – Physical, Digital and Services
Pricing Various Plans VIP (First Priority Support), Unlimited (Entrepreneurs & Freelancers), Combo (For Personal Use), Connect Domain Most Basic Personal, Business, Commerce Basic, Commerce Advanced
Access Free website builder Must have a subscription
Support Customer Service How-tos and video examples, Raising Tickets Tutorials, Live Chat


In this Wix vs Squarespace comparison, if you like freedom of moving the elements anywhere on the page, if you want to have a free website builder, you can opt for Wix website builder. If you prefer to have a pre-decided structure, which saves you time and effort, if you want to have more customer service, it is better to go with  Squarespace. Wix is the best website builder based on Automatic Site  Backup, Artificial Design Intelligence, App market. Squarespace is the  best website builder based on Design Templates, Blog, Support and  Mobile Apps.

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